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Ad-Aware Web Companion

Stay protected while searching & surfing the Web. Never worry about suspicious websites again.

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Surf the Web more safely and conveniently than ever before.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Web Companion blocks websites that try to steal your personal information by impersonating sites you know and trust. It keeps your passwords, payment and other personal information safe from hackers.

Real-Time Web Protection

Using its state of the art real-time web protection engine, Web Companion blocks the latest virus threats before most antivirus companies even have a chance to detect, analyze and publish a fix, making Ad-Aware Web Companion a valuable addition to your overall security.

Multi Browser Compatibility

Ad-Aware Web Companion’s technology behaves like a gateway (proxy) making it compatible with all browsers. We ensure that no personal information is ever tracked and your browsing history is never logged.

Web Companion is your first line of defence.

With hundreds of thousands of new virus strands created every day, Ad-Aware Web Companion is the perfect complement to your antivirus and web browser security.

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Protect your money and privacy against dangerous threats such as

Fake Payment Websites

Designed to steal your credit card number or online banking credentials

Compromised Security Websites

Your personal or financial data may be intercepted when transmitted through compromised websites


Botnets allow hackers to take control of multiple computers and use them to collectively perform malicious tasks.

Browser Hijacking Scripts

A form of malware that changes your web browser’s settings without your knowledge and redirects you to websites you never intended to visit.

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A small program that's BIG on protection

Only works when necessary. It's so light you won't even notice it.

With Ad-Aware Web Companion, staying protected doesn't come at the expense of your system's performance. We've engineered a program that uses so little of your PC's power, you'll never notice it’s there. Freeing your computer's performance and memory to do the things you want to do!

For a better, safer and lighter web experience.

Experience faster navigation and enhanced browser performance. Ad-Aware Web Companion quickly and easily integrates into your browser, making it simple to use while providing the extra security you need to confidently and safely browse the web.